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We always admired the Italian pastry chefs that came up with traditional Italian gelato and wanted to follow their footsteps, at the same time, we loved Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours and spices.

Since everything in life comes down to good combinations, we decided to marry those influences, and this is how our unique flavours came to life.
Our chef uncovered and sourced the purest ingredients from every corner of Greece.

We feel that we have infused all those places in our unique flavours, most of which you won’t find in anywhere in the world.
As all Greek nans like to say, sharing is caring, so we were eager to share our flavours with even more people.

We felt that London, one of the world’s most diverse cities, would be the ideal next step in our journey,
after all Londoners are renowned for their love of food and for their fondness of Mediterranean flavours.

Gelato a Casa has officially opened its doors and aspires to take you in a journey through the Mediterranean, experience our flavours in store, at home or at the office. We can also add spice to a celebration, birthday, corporate event or even a romantic dinner


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